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Nova Terra Project
"NOVA TERRA Project" can be implemented in any region, any time, even starting from today. It is a research project to present a way of action for you and for the people and give everyone a clearly defined place inside the New Society or the New Paradigm, in this case called "NOVA TERRA Project". It is a way of real action so you can test it for yourself, apply it and develop it at your will and own need.

The new society of "NOVA TERRA Project" is a Resource based society, with a structure and functionality designed to work this way everywhere on this planet. The concept of a Resource based economy is not new and is widely supported by many other projects and that is why this project is very in tune with Venus Project, Zeitgeist Movement, Ubuntu Movement, Prepare for Change, Gaia Confederation, Galactic Historian, New Earth Project and many others that are working independently but in a joined peace action to transform the existent society paradigm into a New Paradigm - full of abundance and prosperity FOR YOU and All The People.

The standing particularity of "NOVA TERRA Project" comes with the missing piece of the puzzle, a complete structure and functionality, which can provide ways of interactions between people as a global scale free society. The real power belongs to and is at the individual - the Participant - the only one that actually performs the action in everything. The full concept is presented in more details in the explanatory texts of NOVA TERRA Project which includes any kind of activity, any zone, any job, any person, including you and your skills.

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- We, as members of the Gaia Confederation, recognize that, despite any apparent difference, we are all working for the same goal of liberation and peace for planet Earth and all its inhabitants, respect of universal law and full connection with the One Source/Creator for every living being.
- We understand that this confederation is not a higher-archical construct, it is a loose constructive structure that can never be centered on some of its members. All members of the confederation are equal.
- We recognize all of our individualities, that we all have our own path, and therefore we are not bound by dogma and our different opinions are respected.
- We also understand our unity and this is where this confederation stems from : as we are all working for the same goal, we recognize the need to support each other as much as we can, as the way of all natural life is to support each other.
- We recognize that we all have a role, a piece of the puzzle, a unique purpose and a place inside the mandala that we form together.
- We understand that a lot of changes are happening on Earth, and much more are coming, and therefore our union and co-operation are necessary for a harmonious and stable transition.
- We understand that this confederation can never bind us to any duty not in accordance with our free will. It is simply an energetic intention to create harmony and unity among the planetary liberation and peace network.