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Nova Terra Project
We live in a harsh and complicated world. We come into this world in an already made and set environment. It´s called the Matrix. Nobody asks us if we agree or not or if we like it or not. Instead everybody around teaches us how this world works. Time goes by and we realize many things are offset to what we could call living a good life. If not good then at least fair. Should we fight against the Matrix? That would be very stupid, a big waste of time and own energy, all at once. It is set in place for a long time already. But here is a possible way of action of what we could do and this without creating ripples in the Matrix.

"NOVA TERRA Project" can be implemented in any region, any time, even starting from today. It is a project that aims to present a way of action for you and the people and give everyone a clearly defined place inside the New Society or the New Paradigm, in this case called "NOVA TERRA Project". It is a way of real action that you can test yourself, apply it and develop it at your will and own need.

The community of "NOVA TERRA Project" is a Resource based society, with a structure and functionality designed to work this way everywhere on this planet. The concept of a Resource based economy is not new and is widely supported by many other projects and that is why this project is very in tune with Venus Project, Zeitgeist Movement, Ubuntu Movement, Prepare for Change, Gaia Confederation, Galactic Historian, New Earth Project and many others that are working independently but in a joined peaceful action to transform the existent society paradigm into a New Paradigm - full of abundance and prosperity FOR YOU and FOR ALL The People.

The standing particularity of "NOVA TERRA Project" comes with the missing piece of the puzzle, a complete structure and functionality, which can provide positions of interactions between people as a global scale free society. The real power belongs to and is at the individual - the Participant - the only one that actually performs the action every time and everywhere on everything. The full concept is presented in more details in the explanatory texts of NOVA TERRA Project which includes any kind of activity, any zone, any job, any person, including you and your skills.

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